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2016 EEM LA I: Live demo of suturing pearls!

Brian Lin ( @bwlin720 ), the legend behind, walks us through a complex V-to-Y laceration repair, throwing in some cool tricks of the trade, including the very useful Aberdeen surgical knot at the end!  This segment was one of several mind-blowing lectures that we showcased last week at our in-studio Essentials session.  For full access to more educational gold by other faculty like Chris Hicks ( @HumanFact0rz ) and Zlatan Coralic ( @ZEDPharm ), sign up for any Essentials 2016 package today!

See what Billy Mallon, alcohol, and a beached brain have in common!

As 2015 winds down, we’re excited to share some of our favorite lectures from Essentials 2015. So, we’d like to start the season of giving with Billy Mallon’s unforgettably hilarious review of clinical sequelae of alcohol and drug abuse.

Check out the rest of the 100+ lectures available to you via the EEM 2015 Digital Package today.

Voices From Essentials – Episode 7

Ever “lost” a patient? Witness the dedication of one provider, as recounted by Dr. Ed Newton, former chairman of LAC-USC EM and another spectacularly friendly Canadian, in yet another incredible chapter in the story of Emergency Medicine. Share yours with us at

Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2015.

Essentials – “it’s more than education.”


EEM LA – Sample videos released

Many of you have been asking us to host more EEM LA livestream sessions, because the main event is only once a year!  So, as we gear up for our August 27, 2015 EEM LA livestream session, click here to watch some great lectures from our last EEM LA session. Erick Eiting, MD shares lots of great tips and insights on patient satisfaction. Sean Nordt, MD, PharmD presents some food for thought about alcohol withdrawal and Emily Rose, MD talks about the 3 things you should not be doing to kids in your ED.