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Hank Gathers 25 years later

25 years ago today Hank Gathers, a star college basketball player had a sudden cardiac arrest while playing a game in Los Angeles and died.  There where many lessons we learnt from Hanks Gathers death.  In years past we created this video that was shown only at Essentials of EM, but today we make it public.  We remember Hank Gathers today and the final lessons he taught us. #WeRememberHankGathers

EM:RAP Special Edition- A Defensible Chest Pain ADP

Dr. Mattu reviews the ADP that he endorses for chest pain patients based on the current guidelines of the American Heart Association. An important topic for all Emergency Physicians and presented gratis by EM:RAP

Feb 2015 CP Shared Medical Decision Making 5-1

Feb 2015 Low Risk Chest Pain Evaluation and Disposition Guideline-final-1

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EM:RAP Mini: LIN Sessions – Mobile Apps in EM

From the October 2014 EM:RAP episode.

Apps on mobile devices are reinventing how we are able to search, filter and apply current medical knowledge in the clinical environment. Apps can be diagnostic tools, clinical decision instruments, or educational props.

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EM:RAP Mini: USC Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds 8-14-2014

We are very excited to be bringing you this first installment of an ongoing series from USC Emergency Medicine grand rounds. This week the topics included lightning strikes, stroke, the intoxicated patient and CT scan reading pearls!  Stay tuned for more goodness to come each week either here or on

EMRAP Audio Update – California Prop. 46

There is a new proposition in California: Prop 46.  It has potentially serious implications not just for California physicians but potentially for other states.  Drs. Billy Mallon, Stuart Swadron and Carl Berdahl weigh in…” Subscribe to EMRAP today by clicking HERE


EMRAP Presents- A Medical Cannabis Interview

What’s new & shakin in pediatric epilepsy?!? How about the controversial use of medical cannabis in kids with seizures?!? Beyond CNN’s Sanjay Gupta’s “WEED” segments, here is an up close and personal interview with Dr.Tom Minahan. Emergency Physician, Residency Director, father of 4. His ten year old daughter Mallory, has intractable epilepsy and has failed the laundry list of prescriptions currently on the market. Listen as Tom shares with EMRAP contributor Dr. Mizuho Spangler his personal struggle and journey into reluctantly discovering medical cannabis for his daughter’s treatment. Check out and see his new mission to change federal legislation to allow for much needed medical research. If you see kids with epilepsy in your practice, this is a MUST SEE segment for you to understand what desperate parents nationwide might NOT be telling you as they search for treatment in uncharted territory.