Voices From Essentials – Episode 6

Dr. Sarah Martin shares this next story of an altered pregnant patient who is brought in by ambulance. Did I mention that she’s at a small rural ED? That’s right, no help…just Sarah, her team, and a whole lot of training. Every new story you tell is another chapter in the amazing specialty that is Emergency Medicine. Share yours with us this year at Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2015.

Essentials…”it’s more than education.”

One thought on “Voices From Essentials – Episode 6

  1. itango2

    Rural practice is where young practitioners get fire-tested. Large urban center doctors have little idea of what happens in remote communities where most of the country’s population live. So please urban-intergalactic-center doctors, don’t criticize or look down to country docs. This job is freaking HARD !


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